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True Colors

High end fashion made out of textile waste? In this documentary film ReBlend shows it’s possible. Check out the teaser here

Over 200 million of kilo’s textile waste are produced in the Netherlands each year. Most of these textiles consist of combined materials and are not being upcycled. Now just imagine the amount of textile waste worldwide…

I was not aware of these numbers until I met Anita de Wit, founder of ReBlend. I got interested in her persistence to look for solutions when every one else said combined materials can’t be upcycled. She went looking for partners and together they started their own experiment.

For a year I closely portrayed how they work towards creating a yarn and designing a first high end fashion collection together with fashion designer Melanie Brown. They launched it on Kickstarter.com to raise money for the collection and to create a first community around it. Will they manage to produce a first collection together with a crowd? Does this collection open up a way to a new fashion industry?

By portraying this start-up I want to raise awareness on the lifecycle of cloting and textiles and show the challenges that are similar for many other start-ups who work towards a circular economy.

Crowdfunding campaign

In order to complete the documentary film there is still money needed for the postproduction. These rewards come with the following amounts:

10 euro | 11,23 USD | 8,72 GBP
- Exclusive acces to the film online for a week
25 euro | 28 USD | 21,80 GBP
- Exclusive access to the film online and a ticket for the premiere.
50 euro | 56 USD | 43,60 GBP
- Exclusive link to the film, a ticket for the premiere and an exclusive link to deleted scenes + personal thank-you-E-card.
70 euro | 78 USD | 61 GBP*
All of the above, + one extra ticket for the premiere and a recyclable surprise…
100 euro | 112,31 USD | 87,20 GBP
- All of the above and your name on the end titles of the film, website & facebook.
250 euro | 280 USD | 218 GBP
- All of the above and a personal ‘thank-you-jingle’ which I will sing myself.
500 euro | 561 USD | 436 GBP
- All of the above and company name + logo on end titles of the film.
1000 euro | 1123 USD | 872 GBP
- All of the above and Co-producer credits on end titles of the film.

You can check out the Dutch version of the campaign and make a donation here



Koffer & Blik / woensdag 24 mei 2017

Crowdfunding documentaire ‘True Colors’

In deze documentaire gaat start-up ReBlend de confrontatie aan met de grote berg textielafval binnen de kledingindustrie en maakt er nieuwe mode van. Om de documentaire te kunnen realiseren is nog geld nodig en daarom ben ik een crowdfundingcampagne gestart. Je kunt via de PROJECTPAGINA op voordekunst.nl het project steunen en bekijken. Hartelijk dank alvast! Lees verder


Koffer & Blik / dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Global Money Week

Waar spaar je voor? Waar heb je geen geld voor? Child and Youth Finance International vroeg Koffer en Blik een kort filmpje te maken bij De Nederlandse Bank in het kader van Global Money Week. Lizzie, Sem en Roos (inmiddels ervaren reporters) gingen op avontuur voor interviews.


Koffer & Blik / dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Refrisk en Ekoplaza

Nieuwe webfilm in opdracht van Refrisk. Over de samenwerking met Ekoplaza bij het vinden van een baan voor mensen met een drempel tot de arbeidsmarkt.